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About The Company

LookWay passionately thinks that your guides and hosts in Africa are the secrets to making your safari the most unforgettable African experience. Our expert guides will make sure that through their understanding and experience, they unwind a wilderness experience that surpasses your dreams, which you are hosted in a cultured, notified and lovely way.

LookWay have handled a variety of Safari residential or commercial properties, these centers allow you to experience a genuine view of the old 'unblemished' Africa, with very little influence on the environment whilst taking pleasure in the very best wildlife encounters.

Our specialty is to develop custom-made safari travel plans which are structured according to your demands and which meet and surpass the expectations these days' modern-day tourist. LookWay guarantee that ought to you want to consist of alternative locations or experiences into your safari, we can do so. Please inform us how you would like your safari to be tailormade!

Our enthusiasm and our mission are to check out the wildest and most remote parts of Africa, far from the crowds or influence these days' establishing civilizations and to share these unaffected areas with our visitors, whilst having access to the other renowned locations in the area.

As the contemporary world has continued to change, and people' expectations shift, so too has to make use of the word "Safari". LookWay vision and concepts of a genuine Safari have stayed the same: keeping the principle of the 'Old Untouched' Africa within each of our camps. In addition, we have kept the principle of a 'light ecological footprint' in our camps to guarantee we are eco-friendly and are having a very little influence on the ecology and wildlife in the locations where we run.

We have a strong ethical and ethical code concerning our operations, to guarantee that we are continuously taking part in local and neighborhood advancement and guaranteeing that Africa's neighborhoods take advantage of tourist business.